CERAMIN - Energy saving concepts for the European ceramic industry

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1 Project Objectives

The CERAMIN project was created to encourage the European ceramics industry to decrease their specific energy consumption (SEC) by way of a competition. The leading companies' solutions were then to help others in the form of an "Energy Saving Tutorial". The ceramics industry was divided into sub branches as similar as possible to the BREF Ceramic Manufacturing Industry. The focus was on mass-production items with a high energy input.

2 Course and methods of the project

The competition was designed similar to a round robin used to evaluate e.g. laboratories: ceramics producers from 6 European countries were invited to report energy consumption data to their national partner. This partner reported anonymized data to the KI Keramik-Institut GmbH, who was responsible for calculating energy consumption data as well as energy mitigation data by comparing the energy consumption from two years.

Award rules:

    1. An Extraordinary Efficiency Energy award for a ceramic sub branch will be given if at least 6 companies from at least 2 European countries apply within one sub branch. The (one!) company with the lowest specific energy consumption per branch will be awarded.
    2. An Energy Efficiency Enhancement award for a ceramic sub branch will be given if at least 6 companies from at least 2 European countries apply within that branch. The quarter (25%) with the greatest energy mitigation of the applying companies will be awarded.

3 Competition Results

According to the rules, ceramic producing companies from the six partner countries were invited to share their energy consumption data with the respective partner. All branches were covered. The branches with the most participating companies are the pavements and wall bricks branch as well as the refractories and tableware branch. Unfortunately, there was no reported data from Italy and only little from Spain and France.

  • In total nine companies were awarded in 2009.
  • Polish and UK-partners were winners of the "Triple-E-Label" award in 2009.
  • In four sub branches, industry partners were awarded.
  • Three awards on the base of absolute figures were handed out.
  • Six awards for energy efficiency enhancement were given.

4 Tutorial about energy saving

Another main results of the CERAMIN-project is the "Tutorial about energy saving". The recommendations or remarks collected in the "Tutorial about energy saving" are based on remarks of the winning companies, on general experiences and on a lot of references marked in the tutorial's text and the references list at the end of this tutorial. All knowledge was given or collected by the expert partners. The tutorial about energy saving is divided into chapters covering the ceramic sub branches except refractories and technical ceramics. Each chapter of the covered sub branches gives advice for the technological steps of the respective sub branch. There are tutorials in 6 European languages, which can be found on: www.ceramin.eu/Ceramin/downloads.htm

5 Prospects

The championship will continue from 2010 to 2015. The rules of the championship are unchanged. New awards can be given if at least new data from 3 industry partners are collected within one sub-branch until the 30th of October each year. The calculation of new energy data and the update of the order/ranking concerning energy consumption or mitigation will be free of charge. Companies who could be awarded - as a result of the calculation - and agree to it as well, have to pay a fee for the efforts of awarding.